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Daily Prophetic Word August 13, 2017

The Father says, “A Time for Everything under Heaven and on the Earth. Those that are calling down Fire from Heaven are not operating in My Spirit. Remember this, what you see as unredeemable is exactly what I Am seeking after. I will not ask you for permission to give someone mercy or grace. I know who will come unto Me, and I will continue to show them My Face and not My Back.

The creation story is much larger than the decades that you will spend upon the Earth. I decided to go forward even knowing what would come to be. I must find this all worth it, wouldn’t you agree? Decide that it is worth it to you to be fully vested in My Plans and Purposes still left to be fulfilled. I Am not listening to those screaming the end is here.

Wear My Heart each and every day and your eyes will be open like never before. I choose to look at what could be in My Hands, and instead of what is not. Christ died to satisfy the debt. Does it seem likely that I Am still collecting on that debt then? Release yourself from self-righteousness. Everyone arrives at the same time. I Am not grading your performance against another.

I Am Jehovah-Shammah ever present. Many seek High and Low, but fail to just Look for I Am here. I am not hiding in plain sight. Choose to walk with Eyes open. Blindness can be a preference to some. You are spinning in a whirlwind but this is a wonderful thing. For what remains will propel you into territories that were unobtainable with the baggage previously carried. You are My Promise to another’s prayers!”

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