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Daily Prophetic Word August 11, 2017

The Father says, “There are days that seem ordinary and Days that turn out to be Extraordinary. This is where you are right now. Walking into the Unprecedented in ways never imagined. Even when you felt you had a grasp of what I Am up to, you really have no clue in reality. I have shown you pictures but not the Movie yet, for in the making you are Becoming.

From small brings forth the Massive. Just as an oak tree comes from a tiny acorn, so is this power manifesting before you this very day. The Roots are Deep and the Supply plentiful. Those that rose up against you are going to fall at your feet. I have given My Verdict in the Courtrooms of Heaven. You hold the victory.

When the layers are peeled away, what was necessary will remain and spring you into New Levels. The process right now is chipping away what would break under the pressure. I Am streamlining and causing you to be far more efficient with what I have given you. Do not allow your mind to become cluttered and confused in this hour. I Am the One who is working and you are the One waiting on Me.

You will Dance to a Rhythm that has changed. You expected the same song and dance, but never again will you revisit what was. Even My Angels are ministering to you in a new fashion. What you remember as predictable has been brought down. You will rise and flourish to what is for your Now. You are made for Greatness and you will not fall short!”

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