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Daily Prophetic Word August 7, 2017

The Father says, “What you possess, I have taken! You see, during your creation, I took from Myself and placed deep inside of you until, such a time as this. Now, I am removing that essence to ignite the elements which will begin a chain reaction. Once placed back into your earthen vessel will propel you into reaches that were not accessible before. Keys are raining all around you. I have given you leeway to choose which doors you would like to open next.

You are co-creators with Me. I consider you a friend and never a slave. While you are saying, ‘Lord what will you have me do?’; I am asking what you would like to do? You will birth what I have chosen you to do and be. Just keep Me as your center focus and compass. You will arrive just as I have spoken over you. Do not lose your peace over the passing moments. I will correct your course should you stumble.

Today is the day of unfathomable dreams being brought before Me. So dig deep and present your desires to My Altar. Many believe that it does not honor Me when you come with your own ideas. My Child, I own it all including what you are dreaming of right now. I knew who you were before your first breath. Did I not make you in My own image?

It is time to put down the sacred cows of a religious mindset. I have called the working of your hands Good! You will plow, sow, reap, and enjoy what I will do in and through you. Why would I give you a desire that you would hate in reality? I gave you a life to enjoy in full abundance. Push down the voices that would speak against what I am already busy doing in your life. I have Unspeakable Joy with your Name on It!”

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