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Daily Prophetic Word August 6, 2017

The Father says, “Let My Cloud guide you by day and My Fire by Night. I have promised to be with you always. Is there anything too difficult for Me? The Righteous may fall but it is what you do afterwards that truly matters. Get ready for you are not only going to Rise Up Again, but I Am taking you to a position of upgrade and promotion.

Have I not said that the enemy is used by Me to stretch and challenge you into more than you were beforehand? You have overcome, My Beloved. Enjoy the Spoils from the war. You are being handed back decades of lost ground. Some of this ground was lost by past generations, but your faithfulness has caused the payback to come forth to you.

The road is paved bright yellow. Just follow it, My Child. I will make sure you do not lose your way. What seemed like unending chaos has broke in the heavens to a beautiful sky filled with Joy and Peace. No need to look back at the gray skies that have past on by. Things are different and more is changing rapidly. You may not understand or see right now, but trust in the process. Much more will make sense over the coming weeks.

My Kingdom arrived and flourishes in the Earth Realm. What you seek is before you. Open your heart and mind to what is happening in the now. I Am in your midst ever ready to move on your behalf. Call upon Me with full expectation for I will answer. The tide has turned and you are walking into the best years that could have been dreamed of. You are what I seek after. Forsake any thought to the contrary. We are moving on from this place!”


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