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What Is Hidden Is Bubbling Up!

What Is Hidden Is Bubbling Up! by MaryEllen Martyn

As some of you have heard me talk about this before, I want to put some minds at ease today.

Years ago God told me that He would have me write about book on how LGBTQ happens and this book would even be talked about on Fox News talk shows. It will set millions free. Never in my life did I think the laws would have changed before I published this book. Believe me, it has caused some hesitation with this book being consider hate speech to anyone looking to be offended.

What I want to say today, is do not worry. God has this all under control. Awhile back, God told me that this is different than Sodom and Gomorrah in that this time, His own elect are falling for the deception. God's response is different because of the Cross and because of His mercy.

Hear me, God allowed the laws to be changed. WHY? God wanted their eyes to be open just as Adam and Eve's were. When we sin, our eyes open and we come under a different atmosphere. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit wrestles with the person which they did not experience before.

I have spent my whole therapist career counseling people under the age of 18. I will tell you that they are pressured to do these sins like nothing I have seen before. BUT, and here is the BUT, they are realizing quickly that this is not RIGHT or CORRECT. I have already seen this generation rising up against those that claimed these sins were good and right for them. THIS WILL BE A GENERATION THAT FOLLOWS GOD and everyone who has said they are not interested or need to be manipulated to go to church are COMPLETELY WRONG. There is a Fire A Blaze in this generation that will come to know the Heart of God just as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did.

Stay Strong in Prayer. Pray for the hearts and minds of the people to Change. Pray for those lost in these sins. God is moving quickly on these issues. And do not fall into this deception in your own heart and mind. The enemy is all about causing God's people to be deaf and blind to what he is up to. Break Free and look forward to the day that God is again lifted up to the next generations coming up in full Power and Authority.

That Day is Coming Swiftly!

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