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Daily Prophetic Word August 2, 2017

The Father says, “Does the depth of the water impact your ability to swim? Most reflect in where their security rests as to whether they will make it or not. I Am bringing you a much needed boast of energy and ability so that you will not grow tired or weary. You must choose to tap into this daily and remember who Holds Your Security.

You are not moving on your own ability alone are you? This is where many fall short. Somehow thinking I will send you out and then look from afar just to see how you make out. Never have I left your side! Where you are is where I Am also. I destroyed the wall of separation over 2000 years ago. I Am your rearguard, today and forevermore.

When the bottom leaves your feet, know that I Am taking you to places that you could not get to on your own. Do not hold security in what your feet can touch. You are much more than what an Earthly existence may contain. I will ask you to trust Me and not what your eyes believe. You were born to thrive in every corner and every street I take you to.

Your mind with limited thinking is all that stands in your way. Even the laws of physics are not in your way. Did you catch that? The laws in the natural world will obey your every command if you truly believe, for when I said you could cast a mountain into the sea, this was no metaphor. What you are not willing to conceive as reality will not reach your hands in reality. I Am putting My Master Key inside of your spirit to unlock your full potential. Only you can close that door once it is unleashed. Your time of awakening is Now!”

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