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Daily Prophetic Word August 1, 2017

The Father says, “The serpent has uncoiled from you this day. What was choking your promise has been removed. Be wise among your days. Forces that look good to the eye surely can be a hindrance in ways never seen ahead of time. I will give you the winning strategy and plenty of warning, so choose to keep your eyes and ears open.

Be on the lookout for the next few months. I will download to your spirit vital information about the next 24 months. You are to be active and deliberate in what I will give you. Do not hesitate or wait in a wishy washy pattern of procrastination. Steps will be quicker and strides of walking will be shorter.

One may choose to let life just happen to them or be on purpose in their dealings. The core in the heart is complacency. Are you satisfied or sense you have enough? Consider that what you currently know is just a small sliver of the whole picture. Piece by piece do I reveal. Seek Me out and just see what is behind the covering. You are not denied but rather fully blessed and highly favored.

Soon what you see will look foreign but more like home than any other time in your life. In the breaking away of this outer shell will the Goodness of who I AM in your life pour out like no other time before. Even those that lacked the faith and belief will be there to see just the same. You were meant to sit upon High Places. Soon you will truly taste and see what this means in more fullness than ever before. Let My Glory rest upon you this very day!”

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