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Daily Prophetic Word July 31, 2017

The Father says, “Do not hand the keys to the enemy. Understand that when I release My Promises over you, there is a push back to stop what I have ordained. Refuse and be Unrelenting in your pursuit of My Favor and Goodness. Stand against those that would tell you to give up and curse the situation. I have your back so move forward.

Consider the Spring, when life reemerges again. Was it ever truly dead and gone? Does appearance change the facts that you know in your heart are true? I Am coming this day to Spring forth what has looked dead and even smelled rotten at times. You are coming out of a time of Hiddenness and into a time of Manifestation. Did you catch that?

You were merely hidden in waiting. But that time has expired, so change the mindset from what was, to what is. The Season in Heaven is ahead of what is on the Earth Realm. You are having a kairos moment where Heaven and Earth collide establishing My Glory penetrating every fiber in your being. I have not called an end to the plans in your life. In many ways, I am just getting started. Do not loathe change and necessary shifts. If your car never shifts gears, you will arrive late or crash into things. There must be a balance in speed and times of wait.

You are at a time of Making up Lost Ground. I had you at a slower pace and now that time has been replaced with My Acceleration once more. You are ready for what is aligning on your path. Walk in confidence and not in a sense that you are in lack of anything. I Am putting purpose to your momentum and efforts. A beautiful melody is produced through what you will do and be from this day forward.”

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