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Daily Prophetic Word July 29, 2017

The Father says, “I build movements over the Earth within each Generation. If you want to fully experience what I AM up to, then join with each layer of My people called to their generation and your generation alike. Can I not use the young to serve the old, just as the old have always mentored and guided those coming up in life? I am no respecter of persons; age, gender, or socioeconomic status. I Am doing a New thing in all of My people. I have never said that I was doing an Old thing!

Where you are today is where someone else has been, and where another is yet to be. Even when it is not the same song, there are aspects that others can take away from your experiences. Let My Wisdom grow in you. Do not overlook the storm that gives the lesson. Every person has something to learn and something to teach. Every season and every year brings forth what I Am up to on your behalf and in the lives of others.

Be open to how I will work and do not walk in the old traditions that have little weight for your Now. I build upon in order to take My Kingdom, in the Earth Realm, higher. You can choose to stay put but you will be left behind. I snatched you out of death sentence and eternal separation. It is not My desire that you continue on as a slightly better version than the day of your salvation. I gave you My best Robe and Ring. I placed a Crown upon your head.

You have been restored back, but you are walking in something completely unique and better than what was the original plan. Let My Spirit fill you up with all of the new possibilities available to you. A life of limitations has been opened up to a Limitless potential. So instead of thinking you have nothing to offer, get ready for the extraordinary that I will do with a yielded and willing person.”

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