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Daily Prophetic Word July 28, 2017

The Father says, “Wrestle not against flesh and blood. Come to Me for the Battle is Mine. When you allow yourself to get caught up with accusations consumed in character assassination, you are only playing into the wrong hands. What sets out to steal, kill, and destroy possess no Light and therefore, no good as well. You are spinning your wheels in conflicts that are unwinnable right now.

Let Me take over. Some battles are won in the moment, and others require longer endurance. Will you wait on Me? I Am patient for the heart of the people. I have no steamroller in My hands. How you desire things to finalize, may not be the correct way to go about it. Remember the unseen is seen by Me. Let Me show you the perspectives that you are missing.

If you allow yourself to become separated from your desires and what is Good and Right in this situation, you will find that you can Feel My Heart, and Become One with My Heart. When I say pray for your enemies, I would not tell you to do this, if I was not able to help you in this completely. You are One with Christ, so therefore you can do All things through this strength.

I want to take you higher and today, I will use your more annoying of enemies. I know every word spoken against you that is not truth. Do you think that I can settle the score appropriately? You can choose to smell like fresh roses or dead roses, the choice is yours. Be My Rose with the sweetest fragrances that has ever come forth. Your critics do not deserve a response when you are walking in My ways. Let your mind settle on Me, and let’s begin anew.”

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