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Daily Prophetic Word July 27, 2017

The Father says, “Find your provisions when you arrive. Do not search and gather now. I know what you need before the reason is realized. Before Elijah could be fed by the brook, I created the water and the birds. Worry will not help your situation nor solve what you do not know is to come. Trust that I have already done so in advance, and enjoy this time of life.

You cannot get back time that is gone, so make the most of right now. Do not allow a complacent routine take foot in your ways. You were born to dream not just as a child, but always. Ask Me and Dream Big for nothing is off of the table in what I will do in your life. Not everything has to be about a mission or task. I placed inside of you deep passions and interests just for your enjoyment and fulfillment. Like a Treasure Box will I open you up.

Take a chance into something off the beaten path. When you do, you will discover even aspects you did not know were inside. Consider yourself a pioneer within your own walk. Take up the side of great adventure. You just never know where this will lead, but I assure you that you are going to love this new side of who I have made you into. Shed the idea of the mundane and predictable. Let Me take you to grounds where no one has been before.

Many things have a simple process and yet many tend to complicate with rituals that do nothing in reality. Set yourself free by asking if this is truly part of the ‘how to’ in this and that. A world of misunderstandings will lead the non-thinker into places that are merely a merry-go-round. Going around in circles cannot be the plan, right? When methods take you in this process, just stop and ask Me for directions once more. I am not hard to get along with.”

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