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Daily Prophetic Word July 24, 2017

The Father says, “You were citizens of Heaven before the Fall, and you were restored back into your Seat In High Places when you came to the Cross. Why are you striving when you were born to Thrive? You know how this Earth Realm will end for it is in My Word. Decide that I created this Life to Enjoy and you will surely find moments not to be overlooked.

I am bringing back dreams that you dropped on the ground long ago. Like a boomerang will your mind fill with sudden ideas to take this forward. What did not work in the past will soar High and prosper, for My Winds are behind you. Notice that your motives have changed this time around. Your success is centered in this new outlook.

Now is your time for the mountains to become flattened to you. When you thought that some strategy was needed to either go over or around, I will just make the path as smooth as glass. Did you expect the roller coaster to just keep going? Change is upon you and not just in a little or few. I have cleared your to-do list for the next few weeks. Be okay with putting assignments down in order to finish up parts that are coming to an end.

You are walking on the water and you will not sink. You were made for this next part in the journey. Fear will not overtake you! You are fully equipped and ready to go. Rejoice for all of Heaven is Celebrating around you. What tried to stop you will be your launching pad. Greater still is yet to be. Walk with confidence. I Am with you always!”


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