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Daily Prophetic Word July 22, 2017

The Father says, “Let Romance and Adventure take a hold of your spirit today. I am all about the Great Romance of My Creation, wooing her to Me with each pulse from the Frequency of Heaven. Be a people of holy adventure. When you walk in the mundane you will miss the places along your path filled with glorious amazement.

You were made for the Impossible becoming Possible. I embedded Passion, Curiosity, Drive, and Fortitude in full throttle for you to access in all things. Before there was sin in the world, I knew what attributes mankind would benefit from to accomplish the miraculous. Did you catch that? Nothing escapes My Knowledge. I prepared mankind for what was to come, just as I created an angelic army long before there was a threat from within.

Forget about what did not happen as printed on the blueprints of life. Focus instead to how I will take you through the snares into the Land of Milk and Honey. You have deep within, the right weapons and tools to conquer for I have already told you the Ending to this life. You hold the Victory. Grab a hold of the Hope and allow your Faith to Rise in this Hour. I am not finished, and there is so much left for you to do.

Distractions will come but decide each day to not become entangled in smoke screens that appear important but lack substance in true relevance. Soon, I will turn you slightly and you will veer slightly to the right onto a side road. Where you are going is hidden for a short, short time. You will emerge with full battle armor on, ready to take on whatever comes. Let My Strength Spring up today. My Rivers are always available. You are never walking purely on your own power unless you choose to. Come into My Romance where We are One!”

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