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Daily Prophetic Word July 21, 2017

The Father says, “The atmosphere is sweet with Fragrance and Ripe for the Explosion of unparalleled Goodness. Let your life fill so deep that you can taste what is taking place. I am handing you the means to walk through any fire that the enemy could ever dream up. Choose to see what comes as a set-up to a higher road and preparation to carry more in your earthen vessel.

What you thought were permanent walls to that jar, will expand in the overflow, again and again. Without the stretching by My hand, you would just merely break under the pressure. Instead, you will grow to accommodate more of Me. Wisdom will show you to welcome this process because you will come out far better and in ways you cannot imagine right now.

Smile at adversity because your Lord and King is taking you through to the other side. I will not let even a hair on your head become damaged. Believe, My Beloved. Do not allow sight to cause you to doubt and stumble. For in those moments, you will try to take back the reins out of fear. Rest and Let Me take it from here!

Even a Volcano has a beautiful purpose, leading to new land growth, and deeply fertile lands for life to spring forth once more. In the destruction of decades of strongholds will beauty spring out of you. You will awaken to a whole new beginning, releasing you from chains that were invisible until now. Trust My Hand for I will not lead you astray!”

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