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Daily Prophetic Word July 19, 2017

The Father says, “Many believe that I Am a God who is not concerned with who you are as a feeling and thinking human being. In that, they choose to see Me as forever unapproachable and you a puppet to My whims. My Child, you are My Most Precious part of Creation. I made you in My Image in ways you have not even begun to understand yet. I take your desires and needs into My Plans and send you out to walk in this beauty, not in the lack of a desert.

No, I will not let you go about destroying yourself with My Blessing in Hand. So in this Love for you, I will say No to you at times. This is not because I want to show you who is Boss. My Love would do no less for you even in times when that present is part of My Will, but given too soon will lead to great missteps, as you are not ready yet. Would you give a child a gift that is for a mature adult? There is timing in when I say Yes, and when I say Wait, and when I say this is not for your good.

I set mankind in the most Glorious of Gardens beyond imagination. My intentions remain always for your Greatest Prosperity. I created Heaven as a place of familiarity, but also as a place that you will be able to express your desires into manifestation. As sin will have passed away, Heaven is a Garden like none other. Is the Christian mantra drumming boredom into your ears? When I say that I call you friend, do you instead think this is a ruse? I have no tricks in My actions, so it is time to change the mindsets that are leading you into religious bondage.

My Thumbprint and DNA is within you. You are made with aspects of My personality, character, thoughts, and feelings. When you look in the Mirror, choose to see My Glory within you, and let this Shift the Atmosphere around your life. You are made as an Original for I make no copies or junk. Decide to BE Mine, and you will watch Me take you from the Pit to the Palace on an Epic Journey that no other story will compare. You are My Diamond in the Rough that will Shine with Brilliance in My Hands!”

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