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Daily Prophetic Word July 17, 2017

The Father says. “Find My Voice easily in the passing of the Trees. Many make it their life mission to think I am hard to find. I am always speaking into your life. Take the time to quiet your heart and mind to hear and to see. I am not off hiding hoping you will give up asking. No, My Beloved. I desire to be ever present in your life.

The more you ask, seek, and knock then the many more doors of revelation will open all around you. Consider that you see natural doors, but in the spirit realm, doors are much more plentiful. Where you see an obstacle, I see another door. Where you see an ocean, I see dry land. Release thinking in three dimensions or in cause and effect.

The most complicated issue can find My simple answer. What eludes you, finds My Grace. I created you to have a deep and meaningful intimacy with. I haven’t changed My mind or chosen another over you. You will get out of our time what you are willing to put into this. I will not force you to be where you do not desire. My Longing is that you will remain with Me.

Worship is One of the Most Vital pieces to you experiencing an open heaven. Worship causes you to come into alignment with Heaven. It cleanses you from the grime of the world in your heart and mind. Forsake looking at the clock to when it can be over. Instead find that being lost in the atmosphere takes you to places only your spirit can partake in. Your very walk in Me will be shifted forever more. Be open to more of My Glory and you will receive the unending and limitless. You were made for more than just a human portion!”


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