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Daily Prophetic Word July 11, 2017

The Father says, “You are receiving a new song in your heart today. I want you to consider this song the weapon of choice in all situations. Whatever you are in need of, this song will deliver. It will be a rhythm of Love and one that sounds the Battle cry against the enemy. Through this song will you find your healing and your deliverance in a time of need. Although the melody will change from season to season, it will remain in your spirit through all of time.

As I sing over you, the release will come. The victory will vibrate in and through you. Make the time to Receive My Love daily. When you are feeling empty, come back to My Well. You were designed to remain connected to My presence. Consider this as important as the air to your very being. I am not a far off God, in fact, I stick closer than a brother. So count on Me as an active participant in all that you encounter throughout your day.

When you were born, I breathed in you the breath of Life. Find today that I am doing the same but this time what is filling your spirit is the Breath of the Kingdom. You are coming into alignment and sync with the very footsteps of Heaven. Allow My Open Heaven to be the Stream of Revelation you will need in season and out of season. I will always provide all of the tools and knowledge that you require.

Plans you counted on may be shifting in this hour. The compass suddenly changes direction without any warning. Do not allow this to cause confusion or frustration. I will get you to the destination and call even if we take a detour from time to time. There are times where other parts do not fall into alignment. Let Me deal with these issues. You just sit back and enjoy the journey, for I have you so safe in the palm of My Hands!”

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