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Daily Prophetic Word July 10, 2017

The Father says, “I am setting you free of assignments that were not gleaning My Glory. No lack is found in you because of what did not transpire. Allow the release for I have better to send you on to. You have been faithful to follow My Voice and your reward is the same regardless of the circumstances. I am proud of you, My Beloved.

Wish those well that you are moving on from. If they shall catch up again, then welcome them back. For now, I have new platforms for you to walk in that will bring new to the Earth Realm. Through your voice and hands will I use you. Nothing is wasted in My Kingdom. I will make beauty from these ashes in due season. You have been faithful even in the painful moments. You are being promoted even higher than what you expected in this Hour.

Let the past fall away for today I am healing you and removing the disappointments that came like a hurricane to your shores. The fault is not in you, so let go of the shame and condemnation that the enemy has looked to fill you with. You did the best that you could have. I hold nothing against you, so get ready for we are moving on to the new lands I have for you to take with My Authority and Power.

You are My Golden One who I have placed much Treasure in. Never will you run dry of what I will use you for. You are one who will say Yes to My Voice and carry out each assignment with great care until completion. I can count upon you to go where few others will. Find that you have new angels assigned to take you to the next level. You will be under My Protection, even until the end of your days. No illegitimate authority will stop your momentum.”

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