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Daily Prophetic Word July 1, 2017

The Father says, “When life brings you a roller coaster, you have two options. You can look to a negative mindset thinking that there is a lack of stability and predictability leaving whatever is going well to turn sour at some point. Or you can see with your spiritual mind to understand you are in a season of heavy growth that will take you to doors of opportunity that you would never be prepared to enjoy any other way.

It is through the challenge and stretching that a person is made into a vessel who can carry the weight of their call and destiny. Your very identity is changing in a mere moment of time, and the Christ in you is shining bright upon that Hill and Surely in that Valley just the same. Your faith and confidence in Me overcomes all other attempts to bring paralyzing fear that will block the path.

You are becoming the very weapon that the enemy camp scatters when encountered. When you walk upon the territories of darkness, you will subdue the Land for My Glory and Honor. From the beginning in the Garden, mankind was called to subdue turning the whole Earth into the Garden of Eden. Do you believe you have the Power and Authority to carry out this command? The Truth is you have more today to accomplish this task then before the Fall.

The Same Power that Raised the SON of MAN from the Grave is not a force to lightly consider. Is there a stronger power needed? You have every aspect Inside of You that will ever be required! You have no lack. Choose to walk uprightly and just watch this Power surge inside of your Earthen Vessel like you have never encountered before. Try Me and See if I will not do this in and through you!”

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