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Daily Prophetic Word June 30, 2017

The Father says, “The Altar is before you. As you walk this time of transition, it is time to lay down what will hinder your future. Have you made an idol out of person, place, or thing? Think further and be honest with yourself. What holds a strong gravitational pull is what grabs the center of your heart and mind. What are you willing to live without?

Many believe I am a God who takes away with the desire to strip you of everything and anything. Does that seem to go against My very Nature in reality? Does not all favor and blessing come out of My Will? Are you limiting My hand by your own beliefs and attitudes? Who is gaining credit for the good and who is taking blame for the bad?

If you are Mine then you understand that ALL is being worked out for your Good! While some of My people are arguing against the favor that I have given another, they are cancelling what I have sent to them in return. If you are against the wealth that I give then why should I give you that blessing? You have bought into the lie of the enemy and breathed that out into every aspect of your life. You are speaking against the answer to the very problem in your life.

If you lacked ten thousand cattle would I not place them on your hills? Solomon was My servant and I gave him the desire’s of his heart and in abundance beyond because I wanted to. Stop cursing what I have done on this Earth. I own it all. I know the heart so do not assume that you do as well. If I choose to do, then celebrate over the land for the multiplication is your portion! I will not ask for permission in how I show My Love in tangible needs and desires. I will take care of Mine today and forever! Hold out your hands and allow the floodgates to open.”

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