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Daily Prophetic Word June 28, 2017

The Father says, “Break out of traditions! I have not called you to the routines of men. The notion that ‘we do it this way because it has always been’ is not a viable excuse. Stop and think what is really taking place here. Are you a prisoner of what another believes? Is this fact or fiction? Come sit at My feet so that I may reveal to you the hidden snares around your thoughts and actions.

The Pharisees did not want to hear what was incorrect in their ways. Have you become as hard-hearted thinking you cannot possibly have it wrong? The Pride of Men keeps them where they are. Understand that it is in the Relationship with Me that allows the Truth to fill your spirit. Logic will not explain the unexplainable.

I fashioned you and brought you from what was not into a Living Creation. You are not in some ill-fated experiment. I Loved you from My imagination and breathed you out of My Love. I have pursued you since the beginning. Nothing has changed My Mind about you! Daily do I walk with you in great care. I will not forsake you even on your worst day. I choose you!

Isn’t it time to stop running and hiding? Many have lived in shame and condemnation out of a misguided effort to carry what was already nailed to a tree. My desire is that you never take bondage with you for one moment. Come out and Stand Confident that you are forgiven, and you are restored to an even better place than where you began. I Am a God of New Beginnings each and every day!”

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