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Daily Prophetic Word June 25, 2017

The Father says, “You are My Lily of the Valley! Your portion is not of stress and fear. Cast aside whatever removes you from My Peace. This year is rooted in fertile soil. Is does not matter how slow things begin, for My Nourishing Rains are falling even in this hour. Let your roots grow even deeper in Me. My protection guards against what comes to uproot My will in your life.

Events come and go. This too shall pass. Shadows prove that the Sun is forever shining over you. Look up for your Redeemer is Nigh. Ask Boldly before My Throne. I will deny no one who walks uprightly. Here Me in this hour! There are times that you ask for something that your motives are not pure enough to receive. To be blessed today would cause you to stumble at the enemy’s hand. Allow Me to do the New Work inside of you so that I can, at the right moment, give you the favor of your request.

I have it all written down. One by One will I check off the items on your list. Have you considered that I have replaced many of your desires with My Best? Many are still thinking their hands are empty and yet, I already sent a much better replacement. Ask Me to do for you, but release the ‘How’ in the manifestation.

Be hungry for the things of My Kingdom. Do not cease your pursuit for you will surely be rewarded greatly. You are a Treasure Chest ready to explode for My Glory and Honor. What has been hidden is about to be revealed. Your days will be filled with wonderment. Watch and See! Greater is He who is in You! Expect Abundance for this is what I have sent your way.”

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