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Daily Prophetic Word June 24, 2017

The Father says, “See that Mountain off in the Distance? You have been Imparted with the Power and Authority to not only remove but simply destroy the works moving against you. As a child, I did more for you. Now you have grown much and it is time to exercise your presence before the kingdom of darkness. You are designed to conquer.

The perspective that you see yourself as is what you will walk in. If you are not liking what you see, then shift! It is that simple. I do not see you through your eyes, so shift! You are limitless for Christ lives in you. This is no small matter. You have unlimited access to Supernatural abilities. You must believe for doubt will be the undoing.

You will not be spending much time in what is currently going on around you. You will be making a quick turn and jump into the next, so do not allow this turbulent atmosphere to bog you down. The scenery will change quickly so do not settle into ‘what is’ for ‘what is to come’ will be here soon. A diamond will reflect a rainbow in the light. Look again at what I am doing before you.

See the beauty of the colors coming together. You are gaining strength and endurance to prosper in the new. What was a struggle will create a beautiful fragrance in your life. Rivers will flow within you and out into the lives near and far. You were made in My Glory. Let this radiate and vibrate as you walk out your days!”


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