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Daily Prophetic Word June 7, 2017

The Father says, “The water in a riverbed does not fight against itself to travel downstream. It just lets go to the process fully. What comes against causing friction is the earth, rocks, and vegetation. Do not think that because there is friction that you are not in the right process. Let Go to the Process and just Flow where the Power takes you. When I desire to slow you down, I will cause more friction, and to speed you up, less.

Understand that I am removing what does not need to be. I am removing the dullness so that what is left is the Brilliance I placed deep within. You are being refined in the movement. You are experiencing a blessing meant to set you free of what will deny you a future of hope and abundance. The Carnal flesh of man was crucified, and yet many are still looking at what was destroyed as if it still has a place in their life. What you allow will be there.

I will come to you differently from season to season. Take notice to the shifts. Deeper, farther, and wider will you soar in My Glory. Nothing have I denied that is good and righteous, but you can move out of alignment by forgetting who you are. When the past looks to remind you, look into My Eyes. The past no longer matters, only Now. I will restore you to wholeness, just believe. You are not meant to stay as you were found.

Let your praises ring for what is about to open for you no man can keep you from. Years of generational blessings are coming. I will let no good thing fall to the ground. What could not be paid out in the past will be for this generation. Do not buy into the belief that the darkness will overcome. My Army is marching forward and the land will be captured in victory!”

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