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Daily Prophetic Word June, 5, 2017

The Father says, “The Wave of Revival is upon the Nations. What you focus on will grow. Look towards the Good raining over the Land for this is what provides the resources for the Movements from My Throne. I am raising up those that will carry My Presence into the dark regions. You will break down the walls that block My Light.

You will not only walk on that water but Run! You will be ahead of all that comes and cause a shift in the atmosphere. I will choose those who are willing. I will make you ready and equipped. What you carry will be foreign to those who are to receive and vital to what is for this generation. Let go of the golden calves for the traditions of men have no place in these waves echoing from West to the East.

Many will not catch the sound and frequencies the first time, but as the message is sounded over and over, they will accept this truth. Fear will not consume you. Love will flow. A new beginning will ring. Did you believe I would not answer the enemy’s advancement? What has been done in secret will unravel what seemed to never have an ending.

When you cannot see My Hand at work, trust that I am busy in all that concerns My Plans for mankind. I have not grown uninterested. In fact, I will change your very mind about how blessed the world will be because of My People. Ruling and Reigning will become a way of life and from Our relationship all will flow with Power and Authority. You will see. My Best is still waiting to be revealed!”

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