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Daily Prophetic Word May 31, 2017

The Father says, “Tragedy does not define you or label, but in the divine purpose will set you free if you allow it. You have a choice to see what Good I will place in your hands as a result or go down the path of bitterness and an unsettled heart. Just as Job struggled to understand, he did receive freedom from aspects he never considered were holding him back. Many only look at the subject matter and not what this uncovers all around them.

Keep your focus on Me and look for the positioning this will open up to you. Destiny is born in these moments. Do not lose your way. You are growing strength and endurance required to walk the streets of the future Kingdom Glory. As a stepping stone takes you closer and closer, you are moments away from full knowledge of just where this stone will take you in the present and beyond. If it was not necessary, I would not let it hit your shores.

What appears senseless is far from it. Place down the human logic for the answers are not there. Those who did not or could not believe in you as My Called and Chosen are about to have a wake up call. I am picking up every word you spoke in My Name that was thrown to the ground. I will send like a straight and precise arrow right to the heart of those who doubted you. Alive will those words be again.

I will answer those that have disrespected you. I will answer those that thought you were less than. You have been faithful and true. You are so precious with a sweet fragrance before My Throne. You are larger than life and the world is about to see how Serious I Am about Promoting you beyond those that looked to speak limitations over your life. We are leaving many behind in the dusk. Embrace what is your portion.“

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