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Daily Prophetic Word May 30, 2017

The Father says, “Trouble does not come to usurp you. It comes to give you growth and show you just how powerful you are. Tap into your inner being to what I have already placed on the inside. Many look for outside help, but what they think is missing is really within. You are on the winning side. The impossible is surely possible in My Kingdom. I have given you Heaven’s vantage point. See what I will do with what comes to benefit you beyond comprehension.

Find that the ground has changed. What used to cause you to get stuck, will be solid rock now. What would not release you, will set you free by My Voice. The tide has turned. What used to cause you to run in fear will now run in fear of you. Do not miss all that is changing around you lest you continue responding to your life in the same old manner.

You are positioned correctly to witness the explosion happening in My Glory over you. Do not let your eyes glaze over because you have heard this great news but feel it will not come to be for you. Long seasons of drought and waiting have broken off of you. Never will you be the same and never will you return to where you came. You have the Victory and you have Triumphed.

Remove the gloom and doom from your mind and never let it cross your lips. This is against My Kingdom. From the Cross and the Grave that was empty does the Hope for Humanity Rise. You are moving into better not worse. Do not be fooled by the committee screaming day and night. I have everything under My Watchful Eye. I Am not a man that I shall lie. You are My Joy! Rest in knowing that I have you in the Palm of My Hand!”

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