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Daily Prophetic Word May 28, 2017

The Father says, “Rest is your gift. This is one of the most powerful aspects that you can use. You have My permission to place down what you need and walk away for a time to regroup and replenish. Others may try to guilt you but do not allow them to. Even My Son knew when to move away and cease giving unto others for a moment. If your tank is empty, how will you be effective in reality?

Some of you have forgotten that you have an individual life beyond what others require of your time and energy. You are so much more. Clear your mind so that I can open up what is buried. Are you feeling unfulfilled in what you are doing day in and day out? That void is there to remind you that I am not finished with you yet. Many hold off doing things for My Kingdom until others no longer seek their time. This is not My desire for you.

I will teach you balance. I will teach you to let others help. Life is meant to be explored in multiple areas spreading out from your surroundings. When you are only one or two dimensional, you will have less to fill you back up. I am giving you the gift of time. What you can accomplish in a week will happen in mere days. You will find an ease in your stride. What would not fall into place will come into order.

I Am blowing My Winds over your sails. Things are about to speed up when all appeared stagnate for awhile. I am bringing clarity and understanding even to questions you did not ask Me. Everything is going to be all right. Place down the worry and stress. I have this under control and you will walk in all that I have laid up for your days.”

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