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Daily Prophetic Word May 23, 2017

The Father says, “Many are using the Law to determine justification. My Son fulfilled the Law. Where is your justification then? I am making you into the image of Christ and not the law. You were bought as a priceless pearl. You are justified and worthy because of who is your Heavenly Father. Stop the striving to obtain the unobtainable. Do not point your finger at one another looking for failure aside from the Christ in you.

I have restored you better than when perfection was in the Garden. I have destroyed the enemy that wars after your soul. You are seated in Heavenly Places. Do not forget your crown. Remember who you are truly and leave the foolish works of the flesh behind. You are overcomers in My Name. Let your mind be renewed to My Truth daily. Let your hands be unshackled this very day.

The religious mind is an illegitimate voice trying to keep you from a life of Ease and Joy. I am not a taskmaster. I created your life to be enjoyed. Seek out what is Good for your life and reject what will lead to destruction. Be mindful in all that you do. Complacency will take you away from My Umbrella of Protection.

Many are doing as the world does thinking this or that won’t harm them. Stop and think again. If all is permissible but not all is good for you, then you must take all before My Throne first and not after the fact. You cannot say your desire is to become like Christ and sit in the house of the enemy. Your actions and words have good or bad consequences. What is good for one may not be good for you. What causes you to stumble may not to your brother or sister. I Am your Lord and I will lead you!”

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