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Daily Prophetic Word May 22, 2017

The Father says, “When you fall on your face consider this the perfect place for you to be to watch My Miraculous Love all around you. I will take even your biggest mistakes and sins to be the answer to those caught in the vise grip of the enemy. Do not think your testimony of Grace will not be exactly the key to free others. Many continue to wear the shame even after I have redeemed them. Does this seem logical to do?

I am not worried about the times you were out of My will, in the ways that humans view these aspects. Where are you today? Right Now is what you should consider and take heed. I am working for you, but are you working against Me? If you feel you are spinning your wheels, just stop for a moment to evaluate with honesty. Where there warning signs you ignored over and over thinking you were above what was shown?

I will speak wisdom even through a donkey. What you value in the message will determine if you listen or not. Repent and move forward. I will bring a Mighty Wind to your sails once more. Soon you will be where I desire. I give you the blessing of a new day faithfully. Do not overlook this beauty. I can make those obstacles forget all about your past. I will rise up whom I choose. Do not forget this facet. I choose not to remember your forgiven parts. You are washed clean, and I will answer those who look to take you down.

It is time to use the keys in your own hands to open the prison doors you allowed to encase you. I have set no motions against the innocent. It is your moment to forgive and finally feel the Joy that I created you to walk in. Do not allow baggage to collect in your soul. I created you to prosper in ALL things and the condition of your soul will hinder this if you are not mindful. I am bringing peace and purpose to your steps once more. I so Love you!”

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