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Daily Prophetic Word May 20, 2017

The Father says, “I am removing the soiled garments that you still hang in your closet. Do not be tempted to wear them again. You are My Royal Sons and Daughters. Who you once were has been erased. Forget the reminders of a time long gone. When you continue to see yourself unchanged you will respond to life in that same mindset. I am not concerned with what others claim about you. I am remaking you on the Potter’s Wheel beyond what being human will can do for you.

There are sides to you that have not been explored yet. Can you believe such a thing? I am pulling out of you the gold and diamonds long thought to be a myth, but you are going to be a legend in what I do in and through you. Today is your moment. Now is your time. I am calling you out of the shadows and into the front of this movement that I am doing for My People.

What you believed was certain to fill your days until the end will be shifted into My Glory. I do not have boredom and repetition assigned to your life. If you are not feeling fulfilled stop and wonder if this is by My doing. I will make you restless for My Namesake until the only aspects that will satisfy is My Divine Journey for you. You should hold nothing less if your vision.

I created everything in your world, and I will continue to do so. Is evolving in Me such a definable thing? You are forever changing as a human if you value such a thing. I have intense growth coming to your days. It will be as if one moment you are 5 years old and then next 99. I am exploding knowledge and power, but understand you will have to come to Me for the daily wisdom. Do not get ahead of My Movements in your life. I have amazing celebrations and milestones never known before coming swiftly!”

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