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Daily Prophetic Word May 18, 2017

The Father says, “What you seek is vindication. What you desire is for their crimes to be answered to. I Am the Lord your God. I will this day bring your accusers before Me. I will list their deeds and ask for their futile words in rebuttal. I will deal with those that have come against you. I will bring the liar and the archer before Me just the same.

Their weapons will fall to your side, and I will pick them back up and send them to those that have opposed you. How you are treated is My Number One Priority this day. Make no mistake, I will do as you have pleaded to Me, for the wicked shall pass away. I have accurate records, and I will leave nothing left undone. When I say All, All is what I mean.

Tomorrow you will find the land empty of what was standing in your way. The path is clear. Hear the Trumpets in the background. The territory was won on your behalf. Do not waste time in the past. Release those that owe debts to you. I will restore what is yours. What you tie yourself to can make you its slave, if you are not cautious.

Find My Promises in plenty and My Rainbow bright over you. I have not taken your efforts for granted. I see what no one else notices that you do for My Honor. I am well pleased with you. You are My Beloved and My Friend. I will make the crooked path straight. You are moving swiftly with purpose. Greater exploits will you do than generations of the past. Keep your expectation set on Amazing!”

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