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Daily Prophetic Word May 17, 2017

The Father says, “I am stirring up the gifts on the inside of you in this season. Even what lays dormant is coming up with force. I did not skip over you while you were in the womb. I placed My Divine plans and with that, everything you would need to walk this out throughout a lifetime. Many have forgotten to use what they were given. Many more never stop to think, within their uniqueness were gems and treasure ready to be seen for My Glory and Honor.

It is not too late for you! Age matters not to Me. What is on your heart to do in My Kingdom is there because I downloaded that to you. Do you see obstacles? Do you think I am worried about it? Even setbacks will be launching points. I created you to Shine Bright as My Royal Son or Daughter. I did not leave you in lack.

I am speaking to you heavily and through many different inlets. Mysteries are being shown along with Dreams that you thought were beyond your ability. My Permission to you has been granted so grab it and run far and wide. If I give you the commission then you will arrive just as I have spoken over you. Let the fear fall as you jump over every canyon. You are unstoppable. Where I place your feet, you will be successful.

Time to wipe the dust off and get back to what was placed down for a moment. This is your season to experience unprecedented favor. I am not done with My plans for mankind no matter who screams the loudest and most often. Is someone in charge over Me? Enjoy your life to the fullest and let Me worry about the details. You are in abundance. Just change your focus towards Me and you will see even what is hidden for a time. Let Your Unspeakable Joy take over!”

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