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Daily Prophetic Word May 15, 2017

The Father says, “Man looks to and fro to define himself through this or that. Take a minute to survey all that you use to define who you are. How many of those categories are lasting in reality? Anything apart from My definition is chasing after futile endeavors. Open up, see and experience what I have to say about you.

Without Vision My people will Perish. Part of that vision is understanding who you are destined to become. Have you fallen short of that and in danger of missing the end goal mark? To reach plan A you have to not even consider a plan B. Do you believe I can still get you to the Best I have to offer? Choose not to waste anymore time in pointless directions. I still have amazing plans for you to walk through. I already qualified you for the Blueprints.

One day someday is not where your mind should be. What is for your Now is building the foundation for later on in the future but to get there, you must do what I am leading you to today. Do not allow the world to distract you or tempt you into things that only satisfy for a moment. You have more to offer than even you will see right now.

I am wiping away the fog on the mirrors all around you. I want you to see clearly what is in your reflection. I am doing a new thing inside of you. What is being adjusted may seem hard, but this removal will save you from disaster that you won’t see coming until it is too late. Trust that I have your best interests at the center focus. You are coming out of decades of warfare in some key areas. It will be as quick as flipping a light switch!”

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