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Is It Time Yet?

Is It Time Yet?

Many of you are aware that God is moving me to another state soon. My house has been on the market and the other day a couple came to see the property. I usually walk my dog during house showings, and as I passed by on my walk, the wife was helping her husband out of the car. He could barely walk. As I came back around, I saw the couple with the realtor sitting on my front porch. I had wondered if they had even been in the house. Apparently, the wife had gone in as the realtor stayed with the husband on the porch. As I walked into my house, I asked God what was going on with the man. God said he has bitterness against his mother and it led to the enemy giving him Parkinson’s disease.

If you have a wound in the natural and you leave it untreated, it may not heal. In fact, it may become so infected and toxic that it causes your very life. The same is true of emotional wounds and sins. Sins we do against ourselves and others; sins others do against us; and generational sins passed onto us, through the bloodline, most certainly can lead to mental and physical illness along with traumatic events that we can’t get over on our own. The man at the Tombs was living in the tombs of the past in his mind. The enemy came in to torment him to the point of no return until Jesus showed up.

Today, invite Jesus to show up and heal your brokenness. You were not created to just live with the past. Jesus paid for your total healing. Yes, your pain can be healed and stopped completely! Believe that this is HIS HIGHEST Desire for you today. I was an abused child at the hands of my mother. I fully understand all of the emotions we can have that seem completely justified, however this is not helpful on any level to just live with. Aside from the physical and emotional issues that can manifest, these wounds will stop your spiritual growth and most certainly stop the flow of any anointing God has given you. A broken jar leaks out the contents before it can be full. When Jesus heals your brokenness, you will be able to pour out what He has placed in your spirit with fullness and not partial.

With mother’s day approaching, many will go over the past wounds from their parents. It is time to deal with this completely. If you need help on how to walk through healing, I have a Healing Page on my website (link below) that will guide you in more depth. There is a healing prayer that will lead you through several steps towards wholeness. You owe it to yourself, and the beautiful journey God created for you, to let Jesus heal you of all that has come against you.

Miracles are just a moment away. Just watch what God will do with your decision to give Him the bondage. Truly life changing.

~Many Blessings, MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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