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Daily Prophetic Word May 10, 2017

The Father says, “Even the enemy has a purpose in My Kingdom. Did you catch that? Are you spending your days in bitterness and mourning? Then stop it. The blindness of the enemy does not belong in your life. He may not know or understand how I am using him to bring a deeper and greater blessing into your life, but that fact is not hidden from you! Life is not uncertain if I am with you using everything for your good.

I allowed Job to go through something, but it was not for nothing. Through it all, Job went deeper in who I am and who He is in Me. Without a catalyst, you will never grow higher in Kingdom wisdom and knowledge. You will have no reason to use the gifts and anointing that I have given you. You are not a mere baby unable to fend for yourself. You are My Chosen and Beloved. What you are going through surely has an expiration date even if it is in your mindset and attitude first. I say Count it ALL Joy! You will come out richer in more ways than you can imagine I would do for you.

Adam and Eve, before the fall, were in no need of a Savior. Are you not a better version in every way because of the Christ now in you? You are married to My Son. There is no Greater Honor. I will take all adversity and bring you into a place that never would have been without this piece. You will never carry the weight of your destiny without growing deeper roots in Me. You will weather any storm with Victory beating across the Battle Drums.

Your Praises weaken the enemy’s steps of war. Out of your very mouth can you shut the foes storming your gates. I have equipped you with every detail. Look again, what is in your Hands? My Power and Authority is in your Rod and Staff. Will the Earth not obey your voice? You must subdue for that is your portion. Do not succumb but subdue. Get out of the practice of self-pity. I am showing you My Glory and your Promises! You are not denied. Everything I have is yours.”


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