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Daily Prophetic Word May 9, 2017

The Father says, “You are not a victim of anything. Hear Me. What has happened or not happened will shape your path towards your destiny in powerful ways. I have all taken into account. What you desire the most to disappear is exactly what I will show up and out with My Glory on your behalf. Let go of the would have, should have thoughts.

I am not alarmed by any of it, so be at peace, and challenge the voices that demand for you to get all turned around about this or that issue. It will all work out just as it should. Give today over to Me. I know your failures before you even set foot out the door. Come back to Me for your portion is restoration and My unending love for you.

What you wrap yourself up with is what you believe is your worth. Your worth is in Me and not what human standard is the going rate for your life. I created you and I will have the final say on what value you carry. You are My Priceless Pearl no matter if the day brings rain or sun. I did not give up on you and even before you took your first breath, I sent My Son to be your replacement for all that you wished was not so in your life.

I am not sorry that I created you! Put aside all that have let you down or spoken harshly for those are not My words. You have always been wanted by Me and I will heal all that is broken. Hand Me all that does not work, and I will adjust until it becomes an overflowing blessing that no dam can contain. You are going to better days so lay down what is less. I will set your free of every mindset that is less than My perfection. Come sit with Me!”

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