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Daily Prophetic Word May 8, 2017

The Father says, “Many of you are stationary purely because you are allowing the needs and desires of others to hold you back. You have listened to their guilting words, which has clipped your wings. You have watched doors of opportunities spring up and close once again because you hesitated. If I am your Lord, then will I not take care of those you leave behind?

I have assignments that I have set aside that only you are able to complete. This is not necessarily because I cannot find anyone else, but I desire to use you for a blessing onto others and for you to reap the blessing and favor from this as well. If you wonder why you are not seeing My Hand outpouring in your life, it may just be because you have refused to go where I have sent you. How can I give you what you need when you are in the wrong place to be supplied?

Go back over the last 10 years and think of all of the choices you made without asking Me what I had for you. Now let’s make a decision to right these wrongs, for I am able and I am willing to accelerate you right up to the place you should be today. To do the depths of your call and destiny, you are going to have to let go of certain aspects. Being pulled in too many directions has never been a way of life.

Let My Peace fill your heart and mind. I will take care of what you are not supposed to deal with. Do you trust that I can fill that void so that you can accomplish what you were created to do and be? I am coming to you in this hour to remind you of when you left the path and how we will get back to perfect order once more. More and more is moving into alignment in this hour. Feel the Winds of Change in the Air. Tomorrow is going to look and feel much different!”

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