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Daily Prophetic Word May 4, 2017

The Father says, “If your enemy is the Prince of the Power of the Air, then you must understand what this means for you. He vies to control the very atmosphere around you day and night. Your KEY is to change every atmosphere and maintain it! When you allow another force or person to take command of your environment, you are in a sense, bowing to that authority.

NO! You must see your authority and use it! When your attitude turns negative, you are already being influenced. Your perfect Spear will always rest in Praise and Worship as the foundational component. Do not be of this world. Even when you can barely raise your voice above a whisper, Praise Anyway. Allow yourself to get lost in your heart for Me and you will find yourself being transported right out of that fog.

You can shift the atmosphere which will influence others in the same environment. Atmosphere is infectious. Be a change maker for those unable to do it for themselves. This is no time to shrink back into your own corner. Embrace the Power in your very own hands. You are subject to what you allow. Understand the difference and you will take the territories that are yours to own. Worship changes you and your circumstances.

You will be aligned with Heaven and go forth subduing as you were commanded to do. Release the ‘me’ mentality to be what you were sent to do. I placed you on the Earth for Such a Time as This! You did not just accidentally arrive at 2017 by chance. You have within what is vital for this generation and beyond. You carry precious cargo in your earthen vessel. I will release you like a Timed Weapon that will destroy the darkness and you will reflect the Light for all of mankind!”

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