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Daily Prophetic Word May 3, 2017

The Father says, “Many of you are feeling broken and at the end of yourselves. You are not even sure who you are at this moment of time because so much has happened to change the very core of who you thought you were. Understand this is exactly where you should be if you are walking hand in hand with Me.

Do you not see? A caterpillar becomes encapsulated for a time and emerges as a whole new being. What was has been transformed, but first a full dismantle must take place. For the butterfly to take flight, it must fight against what has cocooned it. You are growing stronger even in the weary moments that you fear will tear you apart. I will not let you fall away. See Now that Everything about you works differently in big and subtle ways.

Do not despise the process for soon you will sit in a seat of Higher Honor. You were once thinking ordinary and now you are extraordinary. Trust the process for I will waste nothing to take you from Glory to Glory. In a moment, you will emerge fully and what felt foreign will flow out from your inner being as if it has always been there. You were transformed into the vessel that will fly higher and go further with little effort compared to the past.

Find confidence and peace filling your soul. Let your spirit leap for Joy. You have arrived! Beginnings erase the past completely. Time to keep your gaze forward only. The butterfly no longer considered the days before he got wings. You are soaring to new dimensions in Me. Release a mindset that would place doubt in My words. You are unique and there is none other like you. Embrace all that I am doing in this hour. I will remove the enemy’s words over you. You are blessed and highly favored!”

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