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Daily Prophetic Word April 28, 2017

The Father says, “Your opinions close your eyes and ears to My Truths. Just as the religious minds felt they had everything figured out, they rejected My Son completely, to continue walking in their darkness. How can I correct your flawed thoughts and beliefs when you refuse to be open or let them fall to the ground? I can send you a 1000 messengers and you will reject all of them.

I will not shout over your opinions. When things continue to go in the wrong direction, I expect you to come to a full stop and seeking My Voice once more. My true servants are not push overs. They will not back down and follow your voice instead. They will not bend their knee to your belief system. I will not allow you to shake them nor harm them. When you reject them, you are doing the same unto Me.

I Am clearing your mind in this hour so that I can speak to your heart. There is deep surgery that I must do. Years of toxic teachings will I remove to replace. I will bring you to those that carry My Best. I will remake you this season into someone who is not swayed by what the crowds are doing. You must use the wisdom and discernment that I have given you. Many claim that they are, when they are really living by their own opinion and desire for what is to be truth.

There is a war raging against My True Servants. Be sure you are on the right side and not living in deception. For what is in your heart can be used by the enemy, if you are not careful to let Me clean out the deceptive lies. You must challenge with authenticity. Pride that you cannot be wrong will be your biggest downfall. A prideful heart has many negative consequences that a person will not see even in the midst. I Am setting the stage for you to walk in your best years yet. Follow Me!”

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