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Daily Prophetic Word April 23, 2017

The Father says, “You are on My Mind! Have you considered that even the Sun and Stars, I created for you? Have you marveled at how precise all of creation moves and flows with each other part? Is there not order and purpose? Is there anything I left out in the design and order of My Creations? Open your heart and mind in this hour.

You are NO accident or random chance. I dreamed of you in My Imagination. I wrote out the Blueprint of your life from the very beginning of the Foundations. When you say your life is meaningless, this is not the case. Come to Me to find what is buried deep within your inner being. I will explode the very things that are for you to find and to become. I have not left you out of My Great Plans.

I designed and molded you with aspects of My Own Personality and Characteristics. I sent you out to dream and imagine beyond what your natural world would think or believe. It does not have to be first tangible to become tangible. Did you hear that? This is part of the Impossible becoming Possible. Does it seem possible that all of Creation could exist in and of itself?

Many look and say, ‘Lord, what do you want me to do?’ I Am asking you in this Hour, what do you desire to do? Understand that I have already put in your spirit what you have and will birth out in your lifetime. When things seem like a mystery still, I will show you just how important you are to Me and what I have blessed and favored you with for My Namesake. See beyond what the pack is doing and walk into the incredible atmosphere set aside for you!”

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