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Daily Prophetic Word April 15, 2017

The Father says, “Be relentless in the passions that burn deep within your heart. What is within you, I desire to come out to be a blessing unto you and to others far and wide. It is not helpful for you to bottle up what is inside for My Glory. What is wasted will rot in ways unforeseen. Many walk in their own destruction because they fail to release what I have given them.

You were not expected to just walk in anything less than the extraordinary. Embrace who you truly are and if you are not fully sure, Just ask Me! I have the purpose to download to you. I Am unlocking piece by piece within the puzzle that still is not finished yet. I will complete My Plans concerning you, as long as you continue to seek all that I have for you.

When you sense your spirit and soul wrestling with life, understand that this is prospering you into the mighty oak tree that will survive decades of storms. As the wind blows, you dig deeper into the firm foundation of Christ. Others may tell you to forsake Me, but when you stay the course, you will come to the place that transcends time and space.

You have been here before, yet you have no memory. Just as I asked Job where he was when the foundations were being created, he too had no memory. I will bring all that is necessary back to your remembrance for you have been with Me since the beginning. In this season, Revelation will feed My People. Let your eyes see and your ears here. You are not born to be a commoner. You were made to do mighty exploits and this is your time to experience levels that were once locked, but now the doors are wide open!”

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