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Daily Prophetic Word April 14, 2017

The Father says, “Many are trying to raise the dead things of seasons long past instead of looking at the Better than I Am raising up right before them NOW. Just as the old nature of Adam had to be left behind for the New Man in Christ to arise, you are in that spot in your own life. If I Am not trying to raise what has past, that is your clue to expect My Hand to give you exceedingly abundantly beyond what you could think to even ask for.

Don’t get so settled into what you think you want or need. When you do, it will be easy to miss the door of opportunity that will breakthrough to My blessings and favor over your life. I have promised to not withhold any good thing to those that walk uprightly. So ask yourself, are you qualified for all that I have? Am I not the One who has denied no one from coming into My Kingdom? You are already set up for success. It is time to fully walk in what this means.

The chains have already been removed. Take off the mourning clothes. Maintain a heart of joyful expectation. What you are seeking was released from Heaven. No one can deny you so challenge any mindset that would say otherwise. Your life is not defined by these few moments just as any other time in history. You are defined in and through Me alone. What you do through the flesh will surely fall short. This is not the measure to consider. Let go! Let go of anything that is not inline with My Voice.

Take inventory of areas that you dwell on, for these are the open gateways to your soul. Ask Me for My perspective; make adjustments if required; and move forward. Many waste their lives living among the tombs of despair. If I Am not telling you to be there, then you must realize this is not serving you. I so love you! Allow Me to demonstrate My Love beyond what you have ever known. Let Me show you until you feel it to the very core of your being. Once you experience our relationship on this Amazing level, you will never settle for anything less.”

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