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Daily Prophetic Word April 11, 2017

The Father says, “My warriors have found fatigue setting in but I Am sending the much needed reinforcements. I Am strengthening you in this hour and cutting away the weariness. You have done well and resting is part of this way of life. It is fine to put things down to refresh. Remember the Battle is Mine.

Our relationship is the Center and the rest will flow out of this union. As you get busy, remember that if things are off in our connection, eventually the misalignment may become egregious, and the flow cut off to My plan and purposes. Be careful to not become comfortable. A garden untended will eventually be a garden of weeds.

Find that some plans are being kicked into high gear in the next few weeks. Doors are closing and some areas are already underway. I have not forgotten the places you need deliverance in. You will find this coming into resolution as well. What you believed you would have to fight for will not be the case. It will just be handed over to you.

Remove the negative mindsets and believe in what I Am doing around you. Reports are just that, reports. To many, the news of the Cross was the end not the beginning. Tragedy can seem that way at times. Look up for I Am in control. I have not turned a blind eye to what is happening. You are in the moment of a new birth; personally and as a Nation; and as a World. What appears out of order with chaos is much more at the core. See the Light and the Truth will be revealed deep within you!”

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