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Daily Prophetic Word April 10, 2017

The Father says, “I Am the Maker of Time. So you have heard this before, but do you understand what this fully means? Your timeline is right before Me. I can travel at any point in time to perform the miracle that you are in need of. The vastness of this reaches beyond just a few aspects. So ask Me! What miracle can I do for you today?

Do you see history as unchangeable by pure design or is it by will? Remember, you are not just flesh and blood. What can be done in the spirit realm impacts the natural world in ways you have not considered or experienced yet. I Am establishing a new umbrella over My People for those that Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. Business as usual is ending and My Kingdom is set upon the foundation of those that are hungry for Truth.

Today find that I Am making a way through that impossible situation you have been tending to. You were not meant to carry this beyond its time. And as I Am finishing up things from the prior season, I will move you from Glory to Glory so that you have nothing keeping you busy from prior movements of My Spirit. Your future is bright and full of a bountiful and plenty of promises. I want you to focus on what I Am answering over the next few months. One by one, I will set you free with solutions and answers from My Throne.

The Earth Realm is not forever in its current state. Do not settle into everything being unmovable for even a thorn can be removed if that is My Will. So renew your petitions before Me. Have a heart and mind filled with unmovable faith and trust. I will move on your behalf. Push aside the fear and doubt. I will come through making the cloudiest day full of Sun once more.”

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