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Daily Prophetic Word April 8, 2017

The Father says, “I will redeem the time you feel you lost. It may seem daunting and impossible but that is My specialty- the Impossible. There will always be would’ve and should’ve moments to focus on. I desire you to move on from this endless pit of discussions. We will deal with what is doable today. What is on your to-do list is about to be partially cleared. Many have taken on wrong tasks that are limiting what you should be effective in.

Do not weigh a task on whether it is good and worthy only. Even the most noble of causes may not be where I will send you. I have your territory of influence wrapped in what you were created to do and be. You will grow weary when you are doing more than I have placed upon you. Come back to My well and I will build you up once more. Take your mind off what is pressing for just a bit. I will teach you some better ways to manage your time with results to match.

Life was meant to enjoy. The religious minds will say the opposite, but does this seem like it is coming from Me? If all you see My Kingdom as is a get out of hell card, then you are missing all that was created for you even before the fall. You have misunderstood all that the Cross has truly done for you. Because of these limited views, many see Heaven as a place of boredom. If life now has unlimited possibilities would Heaven not be well beyond what you can even conceive of?

You must challenge the lies or you will continue to live below all that was given to you, is given to you, and will be given to you. I created you in My Image. There are no limits on areas to thrive and flourish in. You are dimensional beyond this time and space. You have so much untapped potential. Allow Me to show you just how truly far and wide you can go.”

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