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Daily Prophetic Word April 6, 2017

The Father says, “I Am giving you a new heart in this hour. One capable of truly being One with Mine. My desire is that My Heart will flow freely through yours. I will come forth through you to show you just how I see others and situations that currently are not accessible to you. Forget what you think you know and let Me breathe over your heart and mind.

There are times I will allow for an escape while other times, I will need you to look straight at that issue. There is more than one way to see things and more than one side to the dilemma. When you want the simple answer, you will more than likely find a complex one instead. I know all of the facts and it is now that I will show you, as your heart is finally open to receive what you could not before.

I will tell you if action is required or not. I have teaching moments, as well as, doing moments. Sometimes they go together and other times they will be separate applications. Do not resist either for both will allow you to go higher and deeper in ways seen and unseen. Many choose to stay in comfortable situations and resist the times of taking risks which will stretch beyond what they think they are capable of.

You must remain willing, open, and flexible to follow the path that I have drawn out for you. Saying that you will, but doing nothing is pure rebellion and wicked upon your days. Many say, “Lord, Lord why do I not receive blessings and favor? Have you gone where I have sent you? Have you done what I have asked of you, no matter how uncomfortable you would become? The answers are within you. It is not up to you to judge the situation first. Just do as I set into motion. You will gain the wisdom along the way.”

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