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Daily Prophetic Word April 4, 2017

The Father says, “I want you to look at what you perceive as obstacles to your goals this day. Open your eyes and ears for I Am going to show you what is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. You have allowed certain aspects to inhibit your walk. Many have been waiting for a green light when there was never a stop sign to begin with. Gather your thoughts for we are moving forward from this momentary illegitimate train stop.

You are to keep moving until I tell you to stop. Too many are double-minding themselves because they feel that every decision requires laboring for days that turn into months or years. If I want you to do something different I will close the road. I placed desires in your heart that I called Good! If I did not want you to go in that direction, I will surely tell you in subtle and unmistakable ways.

Even when others speak against your vision that is not necessarily from My Voice or stance about your plans. Go through with confidence for I will bring My Mighty Winds up from behind to push you on rapidly. Be wise about who you seek counsel from. Just because someone carries a title whether family or friend, does not mean they are hearing from My Spirit. These same people would have told even My most trusted vessels to not go forward as well.

I Am your Lord and I will even turn your missteps into Gold if you will just believe in such a thing. Sometimes the greatest gifts of life come from something you were never trying to do, but your heart was chasing My Will in truth regardless. Everything is going to be ok! You are going to come out better than when you started. I will deliver you from all that keeps you bound. I will set the captives free in all things!”

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