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Daily Prophetic Word March 27, 2017

The Father says, “Pay attention for new ideas to financial blessings that I Am setting you up for. When a man works with his hands I will bless. Be open to doors and doors of opportunities that seem off the beaten path, but know that they are indeed coming from Me. You have the right tools in your hands already to take your situation from lack to abundance. Would I deny you the resources so readily available within My Kingdom?

Set yourself up for success and learn what more that will be required to carry out these avenues of favor. Knowledge and wisdom are your keys. Turn the handle on the door and just watch where I will take you. Your life is more than one dimensional. Not all risks are for evil. Trust that I have good intentions and a desire to see you fruitful beyond what you believed was possible.

Many will stay the same day after day until their days are no more. You have these moments to do the unimaginable and walk in the Garden of plenty. Stop letting the religious minds poison you. When you only see the small, you will only experience the small. Am I not much grander than all of that? You have asked Me for help and I Am saying ‘look in your hands!’ You are more than capable to use what I have given you to turn your situation completely around.

Refresh your mind and ask Me again for direction. I will point out what is by My Hand in this hour. Run, don’t walk. Some doors will close as soon as you notice them. If you need help, I will show you where to go. I will send you like minded people to take you through so that you may go from Glory to Glory. Things are changing all around you. Do not miss that I Am changing the very foundation that you are standing on.”

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